We Know IT.  We Do IT.

Backlink was founded by two IT professionals who wanted to fill the void in IT service firms.  Technology is more prevalent than ever before.  Businesses now rely solely on technology to manage every facet of their company.  Outages and incidents with technology can cause thousands in lost revenue and production, or worse, loss of customer trust.

It seems that nowadays, IT service firms are only equipped to handle certain pieces of your IT infrastructure, or they offer you services you don’t need just looking for billable hours, or to bump up to the next tier with their distributor because they offloaded so much un-needed equipment on their customers.  Would you rather go with the company that can come out and look at your computer, or would you rather pick the company that can look at your computer, setup your email server, host your website, wire your office building, and build your secure wireless network?

We strive to be our customers one stop shop.  We can offer what you need, and in a way that fits your needs, while allowing you to grow without the need to rip and replace everything.  We don’t want to screw over our customers just to make a buck.